The Asian Tour by Asia DX-Team

Update 16.03.2024
Team is safe back to Thailand now. 3 Days to go back home.

Thanks to all Supporter and for QSO’s, we will back later this Year! 73’s from Ralph & Lars
the Asian DX Team 1(5)3IR249 and 1(5)3IR102 see you soon !!!

Update 27.02.2024, 237IR/0 will finish 01.03.2024 !!!
from 02.03,2024 will be 242IR/0 On Air
from 07.03.2024 will be 238IR/0 On Air

Update 23.02.2024
We are in Myanmar (other QTH like last Oct.) all OK but bad Propagation and a lot of Noise QRN here. All Places here the same. sometimes it’s a bit better (goes down from S9 to S5) we try our best to running this Activation!!! Log Online.

Update 02.02.2024 We are safety in Thailand, but the Noise Level is S9. Impossible to do QSO from our HQ here. We try from Time to Time from a small Hill Portable to be on Air. Next Week we go to move for our activity around Thailand. Stay Tuned & listen out.

Update 21.01.2024
We are on the Way to Thailand 153 ! more Info from 23.01.2024

Just for YOUR information!
The DX-peditions to 237, 238 and 242 SOON !

From 23.01 up to end of March we stay in Asia for some Activations !!!!

Flights booked – hear you soon in a Pile Up
Next fly to 153 and so on will on Jan. -Mar. 2024
We‘ll hear us! Fingers crossed!

…and don‘t be afraid about the spent money!
The donated money is safe with paypal and till now not touched!
Don‘t worry about it.

News from Asian Tour from 23.01.2024 will be 153IR102 and 153IR249 On Air

13IR102 & 13IR249 Asian Tour 2024


23/01/2024 – 153 Thailand (153IR102) and (153IR249) (loc: OK02QO)
07/03/2024 – 16/03/2024 238 Cambodia (238IR/0)
??/??/2024 – 239 Laos (239IR/0) follow next Time
02/03/2024 – 07/03/2024 242 Vietnam (242IR/0)
19/02/2024 – 01/03/2024 237 Maynmar (237IR/0) = 0IR/0 Part 2 (from IRDX-Team)


Lars, P.o. Box 1410, 91142 Roth, Germany
2US$ / 1€ Contribution for each – also PayPal 3US$ or 3€ :
(Free for IRDX Members!)

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